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June 20, 2015

60 second Activism

Hi!  Ahh my first real blog post.  Some of you may know me via my goodreads page or have gotten to know me on facebook.  The rest of you well, I love to write, I’m focused on Cli-Fi and speculative fiction.  And right now I’d love to say thank you to all my early readers that have bought and recommended ‘The Ungoverned.’  As you probably saw there are heavy environmental themes to it hovering throughout the course of my novel.  I am an environmentalist, but with a scattering of children in my home, and being the Captain of that ship, I don’t have a lot of time to actively participate in protests and organizing.  So what my blog will here and there focus on is how to join me in being a lazy activist.  That is we Care! We just don’t know how to make an impact when our hands our otherwise tied up.  (and a lot of us wallets too!)    So in theme with my recent book lets support Jamie Oliver by simply signing this petition  

I like things to do that take less than 60 seconds :)  It’s so important to remember, our food has been dumbed down, I truly believe it is doing the same thing to us.  And once we lose control of even knowing where our food has comes from, we have lost control over a basic human right.    There is too much money and power tied up in Frankenfoods and there is going to be a resistance to healthy eating, even where institutions educate our future.  How crazy is that?  Seems pretty crazy to me.

Till tomorrow friends!